Self Care Sounds Vol 8 | Shontiara Johnson

Self Care Sounds Vol 8 | Shontiara Johnson

 Meet Shontiara: Speaking her truth while making a mark in the Genetic Counseling realm 

 We had the pleasure to talk Shontiara about what it means to be dedicated, the importance of planning, and how it feels to live life post-graduation. Check out the Self Care Sounds Playlist and IG Live Interview Below!

What made you choose this selection of music? 

  • It’s centering and calming. I feel entranced and alive listening to this music. 

What brings you joy?

  • Bright things- the sun, the glint and gleam of a shiny object under the sun, random people laughing, children smiling, and my little brother. 

    What would you do to self care if you had no money?

    • I would listen to music that’s calming (like my playlist) while going for a walk or listen to music while washing, deep conditioning, and twisting my hair. 

    What do you aspire to do in the future?

    • I would like to create opportunities for Black people and other minorities within my field.

    If you could talk to your younger self what would you tell them? 

    • “Everybody won’t see the vision” and “everybody can’t go”! I would also tell my younger self to not let myopic people stop me from being a visionary or discourage me from finding my path. Your journey is yours ALONE. Some people in your life today may not be present at your final destination and that is okay”. 

    If you could be any animal which one would it be and why?

    • In the words of Nelly Furtado, “I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away”. I’m still learning who I am and, most importantly, whom I want to be. If I feel that abandoning certain behaviors, ideals, and situations will result in a better “me”, then I will do that by all means necessary. Sometimes you have to “lose” yourself to find yourself. 

    What made you choose your profession? Do you enjoy it? If not, what would you rather be doing?

    • I wanted to be able to explain an advanced topic such as genetics to my family and other Black people in my community no matter their age or education level. 

    How do you stay sane in the corporate world?

    • It seems cliche, but I like to “remember my WHY”. I like to remind myself that I am living my biggest dream out loud and that I have so many more aspirations that can only be achieved by hard work and determination. 

    What do you do to self care?

    • Manicures, pedicures, hydro facials, and a fresh hairstyle keeps me sane! 


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