Self Care Sounds Vol 9 | Angie Perkins

Self Care Sounds Vol 9 | Angie Perkins

 Meet Angie: an unstopable force using her creativity to make a difference

We had the pleasure to talk Angie about what it means to be a creative, the importance of rest, and what it takes to help rebuild a community. Check out the Self Care Sounds Playlist and IG Live Interview Below!

What made you choose this selection of music? 

  • I love a good R & B vibe. It calms me down and puts me in a great state of mind. 

What brings you joy?

  • Creating. Whether that's writing, filming, or even making a TikTok

    What would you do to self care if you had no money?

    • I would find a park or space with a lot of trees and just enjoy the nature. I might read a book on my hammock or take a walk.

    What do you aspire to do in the future?

    • I want to be a filmmaker that makes movies that impact generations. 

    If you could talk to your younger self what would you tell them? 

    • Oooh, this is a good one. I would tell my younger self to keep God first and do her best to stay focused on the gifts inside of her instead of comparing herself to other people. I would tell her that her path is unique and even though it may seem weird to others, it is extremely special. 

    If you could be any animal which one would it be and why?

    • A bird, flying seems pretty cool. 

    What made you choose your profession? Do you enjoy it? If not, what would you rather be doing?

    • I chose my profession after learning how powerful storytelling is. I've always loved the camera so that was just a hobby. But when I understood the tool I have that could possibly help change the world, it became even more interesting to me. 

    How do you stay sane in your field?

    • I take a lot of breaks. If I don't feel inspired, I no longer force it. 

    What do you do to self care?

    • I love to read and enjoy nature. I exercise when I feel like it, it doesn't feel like self-care in the moment but it's one of the best things for my mental health. 

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