Self Care Sounds Vol 4: Kim Franks

Self Care Sounds Vol 4: Kim Franks

 Meet Kim: Owner of Liberated Roots


We had the glorious pleasure of having Kim Franks of Libereated Roots to grace us with her insite on how to pivot within your puropse and how to gather inspiration along the way. Check out the Self Care Sounds Playlist and IG Live Interview Below!

What made you choose this selection of music? 

  • Self-care to me has so many flavors. It can be relaxation, it could be rejuvenation, it could be inspirational, etc. For this playlist, I chose music that is motivational and affirming of my strength as a Black woman. It is also makes for a nice sprinkle of energy during this rainy season.

What brings you joy?

  • Being a mom, thrifting, building my business, seeing kids play, seeing Black people enjoy themselves. 


    What would you do to self care if you had no money?

    • With 3 kids (1 in college), a mortgage, and a business, I don’t really have much disposable income. Most of what I do for self-care already doesn’t require money, which is reading, hanging with friends, attending worship service on Sundays, my diy beauty maintenance Fridays and just lounging around the house in solitude.

    If you could talk to your younger self what would you tell them? 

    • I would tell them to seek mentorship, people outside of friends and family to serve as a role model and to provide guidance that is related to their personal goals.

    What is your favorite item that you are selling at the moment?

    • I would say that vintage clothing is my favorite because. I love the thrill of the hunt for unique pieces that would otherwise be headed to the landfill and then the art of connecting them with someone who will re-love them. Whenever I thrift, I feel an energy in my bones as if the pieces and I are finding each other, and sometimes, I get visions for who they will ultimately go home with. As a stylist, I love helping people outwardly express themselves. 

    What made you choose your profession? Do you enjoy it? If not, what would you rather be doing?

    • If we are speaking of this current profession as an entrepreneur and not my profession for which I was educated (lawyer), I will say that entrepreneurship and this business found me, and I LOVE it.  I have always been a divergent thinker who struggles to fit into conventional settings. With entrepreneurship, I have the freedom and flexibility to forge my own space. Liberated Roots Collection allows me a sustainable outlet to continue to create content around my personal values and the issues that are important to me while supporting others. Because of the vintage clothing, I am constantly asked if I am a stylist, but I like to think that I am more of a lifestylist. I am trying to take care of people in a holistic way from the inside out and the world that surrounds them.

    How do you stay sane in the business industry?

    • I stay sane by remembering that I am in this to be self-determined and to inspire others to do the same; therefore, I structure my business based upon my values and the lifestyle I want to have and not based upon a script provided by others. I am also committed to not working myself into the ground. I am working on building a scalable model, which leaves far more than one person can do in a single work day. I am very mindful of maintaining self-forgiving and affirming self-talk that celebrates daily accomplishments and reminds myself that Rome wasn’t built overnight.

    If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

    • I am pretty obsessed with my dog’s life. I have about a million photos of her living her best life that I have captured, of her just lounging, loving her people, and playing. She is so laid back and worry-free, and in spite of her inability to speak, she can get a human animal to do whatever she wants with just the flick of her tail or the glint in her eye.

    What do you do to self care?

    • The most important part of my routine is rest, which most often occurs in the form of sleep, not just the bare minimum, but even sleeping in late a couple of days per week.



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